Mindset Transformation Speaker

I think the best definition of my biography would be… creative, curious and in love with inspiration.

I must add my greatest virtue which is also my greatest defect, a perfectionist.

This would be my biography in adjectives. However, there is a baggage that can be shared …
I must add my 12 years as a businesswoman in the events industry of Panama, my country of birth.

Which has given me the luggage that is required to share some very important changes and growth. These have helped me in a process of mental transformation that is required when it comes to surviving business crises, reinvention and strengthening leadership skills.

Within the creative framework and in the world of marketing, my passion for science and the development of brands has led me to the creation of excellent brands such as Divine Events, Inc, my event production agency today who produces and coordinates all conferences that we carry out.

The creation of Divine Weddings, the business specialized in designing weddings and social events with extraordinary levels of quality and touches of highly personalized details. Recently, the creation of our digital magazine. Vida Divine Magazine which would become the perfect platform to promote my greatest pride “Mujeres de Éxito”(Women of Success).

Mujeres de Éxito has not only been a movement at the level of face-to-face events, but the process of transformation to digital platforms has been the best facet of it.

Since through this we have managed to export talent to latitudes such as the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and even Spain.

And in this growth we have been incorporating our wide variety of conferences specifically directed to the needs of our clients.

This is how Leaders 20:20 and Entrepreneur Woman were born; both conferences with the stamp of a Divine Events, Inc. production.

And with the peculiar exhaustive review that every detail is simply the best, very accurate with my description of perfectionist.

Always grateful for the good and not so good resolutions that life has brought me, always with a resilient attitude I have strived to achieve each of my dreams, today with the guide to this new path of conferences and my skills as a speaker.

Along this path we have held conferences for brands such as Chevron Panama, City Group, Planners Workshop and Grupo Roble.
As a speaker, we set the standard in the virtual world with the launch of Mujeres Reales Latinoamérica for Credicorp Bank, a series of conferences aimed at women in the process of developing the necessary skills for the new challenges we are facing.

And finally, I shared a space in the conferences of PRTraining Panama, a training and continual education consultancy in Panama.
I currently reside in Dubai developing presentations and conferences via Zoom and digitally.

And continue in this continuous growth that life gives us, which is to learn.